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Crispin is a rare poet and unprotected species described by Central TV as “eccentric.” His solo performances are prone to include weird back-drops, Casios, light-sabers, giant hearts, fairy-lit music stands and the occasional shopping trolley (subject to availability).

In addition to solo work, Crispin also fronts Out To Lunch – a lunched-out poetry and music outfit. Lunched out mayhem in words and music from Stroud’s very own GM-free Performance Football poet and band with guitar, keyboards and djembe. Impossible to pigeonhole with their bizarre mix of poetry, humour and improvisation. Along the way they’ve starred in a sell-out show The Poet Strikes Back (Star Wars in poetry and music) at the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham, and also caused poetic havoc with bemused festival audiences. Band appearances have also included Glastonbury, Cheltenham Festival Of Literature, Bracknell, Bristol Poetry Festival, Stroud and Lichfield Fringe, where they recorded their aptly-titled live CD On One on Solar and Wind Power in the Croissant Neuf Tent.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/members/crispin/profile/