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    David P Carroll posted an update 5 months ago

    B is for Blessing your all amazing to me
    R is for Remarkable on the field
    A is for Addicted to Bray Wanderers
    Y is for Yes, I will always love Bray Wanderers.

    W is for how Wonderful​, you all are
    A is for Angelic, your all one of a kind
    N is for Near my heart in life
    D is for Dear, Your all so dear to me
    E is for Endearing, your smile
    On the field
    R is for Radiant, your all super stars to me
    E is for Everlasting love for
    Bray Wanderers
    R is for Relaxing, When I’m watch you all play
    S is how Special you all are to me.
    BRAY WANDERERS, the light of my life and the beat to my heart in life..

    © 2020 David P Carroll..

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