• It came upon a midnight clear, That glorious song of old, When angels bent down to the earth, And changed machine guns into harps, And turned leaden bullets into golden carols That drifted across no man’s land, And choirs of soldiers joined the angels In a cease-fire of exultation, While all the bloodied uniformed citizens […]
  • We must have numbered a football team, Umbrellas unfurled at the cenotaph, Where we spoke of Walter Tull and Spurs, And Swindon Town and Northampton Town Footballers who fell in the Great War – The rain providing a suitably melancholy backdrop, As we made our hilltop climb to Christ Church, A welcoming peal rather than […]
  • Let the living answer the roll call of the dead: Walter Tull of Spurs and Northampton Town KIA 1918; And now the names from Forest Green: Harry Watts was born in 1891 in Avening. Harry joined the 6th Signal Corps of the Royal Engineers prior to outbreak of war and became a Corporal. He received […]
  • The tension rises, So does the thermometer, And so will England.
  • I like visiting the Albert, I like the way it commands a crossroads,
 Welcoming all cardinal points of the compass, 
Just like a traditional inn should, I particularly like it when the football comes home. I like visiting the Albert in springtime, When vases of flowers greet you in the bar,
 With vernal fragrance and […]