A welcome in June 2009

In June 2009, we welcomed the following new contributors to this site :

Dan Jackson
John Calvert

And we welcome back, a blast from the past :
Clare Farrell who last posted in July 2005.

A welcome to all our contributors from Ecton Village Primary, Northants school :
Ashley, Vincent, Connor, yr 3,4

And :
Eroll, Lauren, Willow

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So welcome back to the second half of this stanza
If you were with us in the first half you’ll have seen how close both teams came to completing this set of verse. So near, and yet so far, it
seemed. Always just that little bit short of a line ending. Perhaps, on reflection the substitution in the closing moments of a relatively unexciting first half of IAMBIC PENTAMETER (recently signed on a record transfer fee from the Greek side) will surely lend a big question mark, or maybe, dare I say, a full stop to the proceedings. Two bookings in that half, sorry to say. One in a slim pamphlet, the other in an expensive leather-bound volume. Injuries too, I hear, one player stretchered off with a wrenched syntax, the other with a metrical foot.
Don’t forget the winners of this game go on to meet Spondee in the second round play off, should be quite a game.
By the way we hear now that FC Canto are going down at home to Anapest Town, bit of a disappointment there, they haven’t conceded a set of verse since last season. Right, I think we’re ready to start the second half. Incidentally, we hear that during that Canto/Anapest derby one player sent off for using free verse . If you’ve just come in the score is Literature 0 Football 5. Just to remind you you can watch edited highlights of this poem on Match of the Day starting at 10:15 tonight. But if you don’t want to know the ending of this poem, LOOK AWAY NOW



Have to confess, i’m not a footie fan, however thought it might be fun to try and marry football and literature. I perform this regularly at gigs, and fingers crossed, it seems to work!! hope you like it. John

Ode to Eric Cantona

Eric by name
exciting by nature,
but above all creative through the spirit.

Enough so to have an army
follow him through the battalions
of confused referees and officials.

How I’ll weep the day you depart,
my eyes no longer rumpled
by your sheer magical flicks.

The ground is left unharmed.
The turf has lost its predator.

© Clare Farrell

Back at the Top

I’m a Leeds fan, that much ’tis true
And I’ve got a message for all of you
The haters, instigaters who scream and who shout
They label us ‘dirty’ they want us kicked out

One day, I say, we’ll be back at the top
And every Tom, Dick and Harry will STILL have a pop
For living the dream (whatever that means)
But the ‘dirty Leeds’ slogan will run out of steam

No heartbreak in the playoffs, no ‘sleeping giants’
Just look at Billy’s statue if you need to be inspired
The East stand, the West, the South and the Kop
Will be ‘marching on together’ back to the top

© Dan Jackson

A fun day for football

The sun is shining
The birds are singing
The ball is rolling
Into the NET!

Its been an hour
I’ve scored a hat-trick
I think i’m winning
is on its way

The sun is shining
The birds are singing
The ball is rolling
Into the NET!

© Ecton village primary : Eroll, Lauren, Willow

we wrote by singing it like a football chant.


One touch, two touch
Teamwork means so much

Football is great
You play it with a mate
Football is such fun
When you play it in the sun

One touch, two touch
Teamwork means so much

Balance on your foot
Balance on your head
Balance like a chicken
Well done ” he said ”

One touch, two touch
teamwork means so much

The first time I scored
It was so great
I scored one more
Then scored another eight

One touch, two touch
Teamwork means so much

© Ecton village primary : Ashley, Vincent, Connor

Ashley,Connor,Vincent wrote this after a football lesson by a visiting footballer.

somebody suggested I should get off my bike…

not unreasonably, as my scribbles don’t do justice to the beautiful countryside of County Galway…

I’ll take solace from the fact they didn’t suggest I should get on my bike…. 😉

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2009/06/30/a-welcome-in-june-2009/