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Peter Bonetti, R.I.P.

If I wasn’t Ossie for the day
Then I’d be the Cat
For he was our hero
And that was that

All over the goalbox
He’d leap and spring
“There’s only one Peter Bonetti”
Oh, how the Shed would sing

And now that he’s gone
Our memories all good and true
For he was the greatest ever
To wear green in Blue

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The Cat – Peter Bonetti: 1941- 2020

Second only to Chopper Harris
In Chelsea playing games
Edged on clean sheets by Petr Cech
Some of the clubs greatest names

A part of the World Cup-winning squad
Bonetti didn’t get to stand on the line
He learnt from the Banks of England
A belated winners medal in 2009

Golden career spanning three decades
Always a cool head, smile and chat
Covid-19 may restrict our lives
But we still pay tribute to the Cat

12th April 2020

© emdad rahman

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Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/peter-bonetti/