1956 and 1957 Real Madrid

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Di Stefano,Rial,
Gento were the honorables
first ever champions
of this annual football pilgrimage
what today we could know
Champions League
So it is symbolic and impossible
that the same side winn all the
years,it spreads Football Events
by the morning training and
exercises with the team at
holy morning under heaven
blessed by God and as football
fantastic miracle under morning
heaven or afternoon or evening
goals and chances went,a star
of this match Di Stefano with the
most positive trust in sport and
sporting football pilgrimage as you
like though there were dictatorship
Was it football game of this level
and sens,healing for gloom of
living,aything better then Mister
Di Stefano’s Art and play,again
yesterday,it was Master game of
Europen Champions Cup
played on May 30 in 1957
when Real Madrid met Fiorentina
and won by Two clear Goals


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/1956-and-1957-real-madrid/