5 Year old billed for no show at classmates ski party

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I remember my 5th birthday party ,
co-incided with the start of the World Cup ,
I got a Jumbo tube of Smarties
crayons and a colouring book ,
which had players from all the teams
who had qualified for the last Sixteen ,
happy beyond my wildest dreams
as I shaded kits of an unusual sheen .
My mates turned up at our house ,
and the party , it began at three ,
me ma’ had made a big pan of Scouse
we had cake whose cherries were glace .
There were cocktail sausages on a plate
and cheese and pineapple too ,
the Pop Man had left a big crate
as we queued for the outside loo .
Then we all went out into the street
munching on beef paste rolls ,
16 pairs of pounding feet
and me old fella’ went in goals .
We were playing our version of the World Cup ,
on tarmac , not on grass ,
all the neighbours pulled their chairs up ,
after checking for dog muck and glass .
We all chose a team to pretend to be ,
it was my birthday , so I got first pick ,
I didn’t go for England , Brazil , Italy ,
but Peru , who had the best kit .
One by one , teams fell by the wayside ,
Mexico , then Belgium and Sweden ,
Morocco ran off to play on the slide ,
Bulgaria left with his nose bleeding .
A roar rang out from Mrs Hughes ,
directed at the Soviet Union ,
” I hope yer not playin ‘ in yer best shoes !
You’ll get no more if youse flippin’ ruin ’em . . . ”
I lasted until the Final Four ,
by now , we were all shattered ,
The World Cup was won by El Salvador ,
and back to our homes , we scattered .
Nowadays , Five year olds have parties
at Ski Centres , all togged up ,
but I’ll never forget my crayons and Smarties ,
and getting to the Semis of the 1970 World Cup .



Editor’s note:


And i bet in the playground, like me, you were Cubillas!

Or Chumpitaz!

Best world cup ever!


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