A Cup Final Sort Of…..Rap?

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We dis and dat
Who d’yer think
Will play attack?
Will Gooners
Distroy the Manyoo?
To tell the truth
I aint got a clue
Will the Roon go up to meet the Queen?
Will Viera square up to Roy Keane?
Will Ryan Giggs wear those dark tights?
With those baggy eyes from too many late nights?
Will Henry do his va va voo
Will Pires fall over as he doth do
Will Rio go and muck it up
So that Gooners go and win the cup?
All the above is my opinion and view
Do you like it, its up to you?
To tell you the truth
As I must do
I don’t care
Cos my teams blue!!!

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A bit of a thing about the cup final. I predict both teams will try to make it a classic! I hope I’m right.



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-cup-final-sort-of-rap/