A Football Spree!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 My da took me to a football spree one St Stevens day*
Man United came to London the Fulham whites to play
Of Denis Law we were in awe, Bobby Charlton too
As Georgie Best was like a pest to Fulham on that day
Every time he got the ball the crowd held bated breath
We never knew just what he’d do the ball he would caress
A long haired man with lots of fans to whom we could relate
All he loved was football, he was everybody’s mate
The score that day has faded away as these things often do
But what about you Georgie, what are you gonna do?
Will you be a has been like some old queen who sadly dies from drink?
Or will you see a ripe old age, where people always think
I saw George Best in London west when he was in his prime
The greatest thing I ever saw he beat them two at a time
Ah George the gift that you were born with I’d give my right arm for
To have played alongside Bobby Charlton and the lovely Denis Law
But George those days are over now and in the past they’ll stay
My memories are happy ones from that St Stevens day
They’re done and gone, you must move on to get your life on track
Could the reason that your so troubled be, you want those old days back?



Very sad this latest incident! Where do we go from here George? Its all up to you!



* St Stevens Day is Boxing Day in Eire.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-football-spree/