A Game Of Two Halves

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Let’s make poverty history
Let’s be a force for good
Let’s re-distribute all the wealth
Let’s be like Robin Hood
Let’s have no more paupers
Let’s eradicate the rich
Let’s empty out the bank account
Of Roman Abramovich
Let’s syphon off his profits
Let’s overthrow the petrol tsar
Let’s give all his roubles back
To the workers of the USSR
Let’s ask Jose Mourinho
“What’s the Portuguese for poor?”
Let’s cut his Amex card in two
Let him manage Stenhousemuir
Let’s shove Sky TV where The Sun don’t shine
Let Rupert Murdoch’s empire fall
Let’s reclaim the people’s game
Let’s get back our ball
Let’s drop Ashley Cole down a deep dark hole
‘Til he agrees that greed is wrong
Then we’ll pay him 60 grand a week
In Vietnamese dong
Let’s kidnap Malcolm Glazer
Singing “Soccer’s going gnome!”
Let’s bastardise his merchandise
Let’s sell the Bobby Charlton comb
Let’s raid Wayne Rooney’s piggy bank
Let’s put him in a rage
Let’s make him work with Gordon Ramsay
For the minimum flipping wage
Let’s make Manchester City play on camels
In the sandstorms of Abu Dhabi
Let Ronaldo pay for his hair gel
By slaving as a cabby
Let’s stop spending money on swede FA
Let Sven Goran Eriksson disappear
Let’s fold him up in a flatpack
Let’s stack him on a shelf in Ikea
Let’s find a check-out job at Tesco’s
For Rio Ferdinand
Let’s stick his mercenary contract
Up his Rio Grande
Let’s ransack Beckingham Palace
Let’s give their bling to charity
Let’s burn the mock-tudor mansions
Of football’s aristocracy
Let’s drive their Baby Bentleys
Over Beachy Head
Let’s de-rail their gravy train
Let them take the bus instead
Let’s ignore their tabloid sex romps
The champagne charlie songs
Let’s dismiss their Double-D-list wives
In permatans and Prada thongs
Let the VIPs drink Bovril
Let their seats be cold and hard
Let’s rip up their red carpet
Let’s show them the red card
Let’s wind up Football plc
Let’s give the board P45’s
Let’s stop the fat corporates
Eating all the pies
Let’s kick-off the revolution
Let have-nots have the final score
Let’s hear “Manchester United nil
Partick Thistle four”
Let’s invest Das Kapital
Let’s end left-wing fatigue
Then poverty will be history
When there’s a socialist premier league



Editor Note:
Had the great pleasure of supporting Elvis on Saturday here in Stroud. First caught him live in the Literature Tent at the Big Chill a few years back just before Leonard Cohen. Many of you will know him from BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live and those spontaneous impromptu poems that were made up on each programme.

He’s also a World Slam Champion and a constant and in-demand performer on the comedy and poetry circuit, Explore.

For more info and video clips : Click here to Visit the Elvis McGonagall Website

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-game-of-two-halves-3/