A Game of Two Halves

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Give us back footballers of a different breed
High flying skills aye, but take back the greed
Wearing the shirt for the pride not the fame
Kids out on the parks not a PlayStation game
We reclaim our clubs from those corporate suits
We fought hard for justice to give us the truth
Give us back Shankly, Busby and Stein
Them tough talking boys from those old mining fields
Give us back standing, the terrace our world
And most of all tickets that don’t cost the earth
Give us back champions who are just one of us
Like Sir Tom Finney sat with fans on the bus
Give us back David Coleman and his no-nonsense “1-0”
And the boy Duncan Edwards, we’re missing him still
Give us back Johann Cruyff as he turns then to shoot
Matched by bold Billy Liddell in his heaven-made boots
The glorious touch of the grass ‘neath our feet
Replaying the swagger and brash of the street
We remember the matches we won drew and lost
And the values we hold that don’t measure the cost
And remember the walks with our Dads to the grounds
The way we were thrilled by the sound of the crowd
Give us back the Echo in its Saturday pink
And the blether and braw of a post-match drink
Wincing at tackles with blood on the studs
But lovin’ those pitches whose grass turned to mud
Aye, give us back fitbaw of yesteryear
But tell the racists and fascists they’re nae welcome here
Us fans are the lifeblood of our beautiful game
And we reclaim the spirit sold off down the drain
We’re grassroots we’re partisan, we’re young and we’re auld
We’re the heart of our clubs we’re community soul
We’re the mojo the tempo the raw Rock and Roll
So, give us back mavericks who won’t do what they’re told
Gift us elegant sweepers and sleek liberos
And those freewheelin’ wingers who fly from their toes
Give us back footballers carrying some beef
Who head off at halftime with a sigh of relief
And grant every player their chance to be stars
But at least win the league before buying fast cars
Earn your spurs, win your battles, and learn from the scars
It’s a game of one passion, and always two halves
But Football, our heartbeat, our heartbreak, aye, undeniably OURS.



Editors: final version chaps! Thank you. SWJ

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-game-of-two-halves-directors-cut/