A La and His Judy!!! (To Ms Parry Maguire)

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Went down to the smoke
To see the Blues
Because they choose
To like this Mourinho bloke?
We are not them Brummies
Or the Toffees
Across Stanley Park
If you think we hint
Of gooner smugness
Then your having a lark
They got the train
Up from the rain
Thats always in the Port
Do they still have Hovis for tea?
And is it grim up North?
As they got to Euston
They stood there quietly
Like a mouse
They asked a copper
Standing nearby
If he could translate Scouse?
As they made the way to the mecca
That is Stamford Bridge
The red and blue
Was all in view
What a privilege
As they took their seats
In the away end
That cost them fifty quid*
Their thoughts went back
To Anfield Road
Where a seat costs…..quid?
Anyway, enough of that
Money talk is cheap
We”ll see you mickey mousers
Twice within two weeks!
Will Robben steal the game from you?
Will Joe Cole be on fire?
Will the Duffer skin yer fullbacks?
Will Lampard leave you in the mire?
Will you get past John Terry?
William Gallas too?
Then Petr Cech who
Guards our net
Is coming to get you
These couple of cooing Liver Birds
On watching the first leg
Were so in awe
Of what they saw
They had to shake a leg
They telephoned this Rafa bloke
Four two four should be the plan
He took not a blind bit of notice
He was away scouting at Matalan!!!

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3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 *Sorry about that, I know, its an awful lot of dough! No discounts for kids either, blimmin greedy oiligarchs? Mates of mine have to pay full price for their kids season tickets as well cos the view from the seats in the family section are just so crapola.



Excuse the pun, just a bit of fun, no malice is intended, I hope that none is taken, as us football poets sometimes get offended.
I’m a proud London Irish bhoy with roots in County Cork
As I walk the Kings Road to home games
Of CFC is all I talk!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-la-and-his-judy-to-ms-parry-maguire/