A new Gooner?

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Our little Marv, if that’s your name at all
I wonder if you’ll be good at football,
I wonder if you’ll be a fellow gooner
If so good for you that you weren’t born sooner!
I wonder if you’ll see us win
Title, Cups and everything,
Or will you betray your Dad and me
by following Tottenham or Chelsea?
Who you are is something I can’t wait to see,
For all we know you could even prefer rugby!



Marv is our bumps name, could be his real name if he is indeed a him. He or she will be with us in early October and will qualify to play for 5 different nations, unfortunately none of those are especially good at football!

Editor’s note….

Non, great news, wishing you all the best with the pregnancy, from all your admirers here at Football Poets!

For Non & ‘Marv’

A little bump
A little thump
He / she’s kicking well

Guessing games
Picking names
Mam’s looking swell

When arriving
Hope they’re thriving
With a big lusty scream

And then the wait
For who’ll be their team?


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-new-gooner/