A Poem For A Mate And A True Blue, Dawn.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I have a mate I’ve known for years
That mate is called sweet Dawn
She sits next to me in Heaven
Been a supporter here since born
We’ve become good friends and there it ends
Cos I’m a married man
But she’s a lover of the same team as me
Cos she’s a Chelsea fan
We like to have a gossip
We talk of this and that
How Terry’s got him in his pocket
How Geremi is as back
But now we have dilemma
Dawn has just got wed!
I feel on my antenna
That friendship could be dead
Will she go with man she loves to game?
Will shopping become all?
Will she now support Galatasary?
As her man does, the fool
Oh lovely Dawn so kind and warm
Will you stay at Stamford Bridge?
Being akin to your acquaintance
Has been my privilege
Congratulations on the Wedding
That I so sadly missed
I’m proud to say that you’re okay
And high on lovely list
As new season gets started
I hope it’s you sat there
I need some one to punch me
When I very nearly swear!
Who’ll explain the feminine side
Of beautiful game to I
How Di Matteo was just gorgeous
How Lampard makes you sigh!
Dawn let’s be realistic
There are two men in your life
One of them’s a Chelsea fan sat next to you
The other? You’re his wife!



You meet such great people at ‘ the football ‘. And this is one of them.

An eighteen carat diamond of a mate!

This one’s for you Dawn!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-poem-for-a-mate-and-a-true-blue-dawn/