A Poem For The New Season And True Fans Everywhere !

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Will ‘ No Surrender To The IRA ‘
Cease to be heard where games are played ?
Can we feast our eyes on the beauty of what goes on in games ?
Can we just enjoy our passion without all this hate and shame?
Will we applaud the opposition without vitriol or derision?

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Can we accept defeat so graciously that it becomes the norm ?
Can we turn up to cheer the boys on though other fans may scorn ?
Will the referee’s parentage be of our concern ?
Will we do right in front of mites so that from us they learn
Can we walk away from fields of play whatever the result
Having really loved the spectacle – emotions it brought out ?
Will the manager’s decisions turn you against the team ?
Though he might have the vision to fulfill all your dreams
When ground is freezing with the cold will you be standing there
Cheering all the boys on with hot breath on the air ?
When you hear racist chanting what is it you’ll do?
Speak up or turn the other cheek as if it don’t concern you
We have no room for bigotry where’ere the game is played
New laws are there to ban them so don’t feel so afraid
When all around are losing it try to keep your calm
What’s said in heated passion can be a cause for harm
When the ref puts that whistle to his mouth all outside’s forgot
Stay in touch with reality try not to lose the plot
This year should be a cool one The World Cup’s here next summer
Theres always that to dream of if your side have a bummer
As the season fast approaches will you turn up ever week
I hope you true fans out there get what it is you seek !



Its nearly here and I just can’t wait !

This poem is dedicated to all true fans everywhere.

Be lucky and enjoy the coming season for whatever reason !



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-poem-for-the-new-season-and-true-fans-everywhere/