A Sullen Fan, A Broken Man!!!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 A sullen fan, a broken man
Had watched his poor wife die
Who would order tickets now?
Who would go and get the pies?
Her last will and testament
Were read out to the kin
He sat in fear with crocadile tears
Drinking ice cold gin
‘Bury me on a Saturday
At exactly three-o-clock
As far away from the football ground
As is possible for this lot
Leave me outside a boozer
Like you’ve always done
Though this time I’ll be in a box
To ward off rain and sun
Take me to the stadium
To leave me sit outside
Are all the games a sell out?
Why was I never left inside?
Who will drive him home now?
When he’s three parts p—ed
As season ends and he’s round the bend
Thats when I’ll be missed!
Who will get his pies now
And organise match tickets
Go to club and then to pub
Cos my old man’s got the ricketts
This running around has killed me
Sent me to my grave
I hope his team get relegated
Then from up above I’ll wave
I’ve burnt all of his programmes
I’ve thrown away his scarf
If he thinks he is in clover now
He must be having a laugh
His season tickets cancelled
I spent all of his dough
If he tries to go matches now
The club won’t let him go’ !!!





Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-sullen-fan-a-broken-man/