A Viola Training Session

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 As I walk the streets of Florence
To take in all the sights
Its Friday morning training
Fans walk and ride their bikes
I make my way to the stadium
This is new to me
To go and watch your hero’s train
Entrance here is free
The Viola are all running
Round and round the pitch
The grass is ready for Sundays match
Lush, emerald green and rich
The training sessions over
As I walk off alone
I wonder to myself
We should do this back home!!!

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I went to Florence to see Juve v Fiorentina, A poem I’ve yet to do!!! But this was really cool all the Viola fans were allowed to see the boys train on Friday morning. The ground was opened up and you just wandered into see the team train, no fuss, no jobsworths, no trying to make an appointment, a really cool idea, where you have access to the players and the team you follow, no wonder the players who come over here to play are so comfortable withe media and the public alike.



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-viola-training-session/