A World Cup Flutter – Haiku

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 1 Go to the bookies
and put on a World Cup bet
two quid that will do.
Place is really full
matches shown live on TVs
punters drinking tea.
So I place my bet
England 2-1 Kane first goal
that’s a good price.
I take home my slip
settle down to watch the game
come on Three Lions.
Kane makes it 1-0
Tunisia equalise
need that second goal.
They must have heard me
Harry heads home the winner
England win 2-1.
So I’ve won money
forty six quid my winnings
thanks to Harry Kane !



Where I live there’s a bookies across the road, so before Mondays game I popped over and placed my bet. I thought shall I stick a tenner on England ?
But I bottled out and decided on a couple of quid instead. I’m pleased at my winnings but I should have had more faith !

Editor Note:
Well done on the longest haiku so far.

it threw me at first
then I realised it was….
just one long haiku!

PS Watching England Warning~We Are Here For You.

It’s going ok at the moment Kev but it’s only one match.
So do remember watching England long term can become addictive and possibly lead to severe uncontrollable emotion and devotion. It might seem s bit of a gamble to call on us for a poem to help you, but we are here for you mate night and day throughout ther tournament and after when it might get worse.

Just saying.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-world-cup-flutter-haiku/