A-Z of Football – Ridgefield Primary

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 A is for attack, which makes you run quick
B is for ball that you have to kick
C is for catching the ball in his hands
D is for defender who runs past the stands
E is for excitement when you start to win
F is for foul, when you throw your money into the bin
G is for grass over which players run
H is for header which is great fun!
I is for ice on the pitch so the players spin
J is for jackpot – you get it when you win
K is for kicking and scoring the goal
L is for Laurie who fell into a hole
M is for match – that the footballers play
N is for Natasha, who ate some hay
O is for orange, the colour of the Dutch
P is for Peterborough – we don’t like them much
Q is for queueing when the line is long
R is for referee, who’s sometimes wrong
S is for scoring, not hitting the poles
T is for team who scores the goals
U is for United – they play in black and red
V is for Van der Sar, who has a busy head!
W is for Wembley, where there isn’t much dirt
X is for x-ray when the players get hurt
Y is for yelling – that’s what players do
Z is for Zola – he played in blue!



This poem was written by a group of 15 Year 6 pupils

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-z-of-football-ridgefield-primary/