alan ball.1945-2007. Farewell to a legend.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Legend in the dictionary tells us is
a genius, and a marvellous character.
These words and more sit
lightly on his shoulders for they are true.
Now fans throughout the land applaud
and old men who were at world cup 66
remember and shed their tears
For they can still see this pocket dynamo
the engine of the England team
still running deep into extra time.
Cities divided by their teams on a saturday
now stand as one to acknowledge this man
How fitting now the setting of Winchester
the cathedral where Richard the lion heart sat
resplendant in his crown and finery.
But the cloth cap on your coffin
shows you were a man of the people
who you always had time for.
Fans throughout the land line the street
as your cortege passes by to applause
into a final audience with your peers.
The players who were with you at Wembley
sit with managers old and new to pay last respects.
Hard men dab eyes soon will smile and remember.
Spontanious clapping is heard from within
as the bearers carry your coffin
out into the bright May sunlight.
Now you will join Lesley and dad
leaving loved ones alone and sad.
We will all miss you Alan Ball,
for a little man you stood so tall.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/alan-ball-1945-2007-farewell-to-a-legend/