An Awful Away Day !

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The day we went to Gay Meadow
We were going downhill fast
The manager had just resigned
Danny Blanchflower was put in charge
Butch and Tommy Langley
Tried to sort it out
By the time first half was over
We were three nil down
Second half was awful
But still those Blue Boys cheered
The way the team was playing
Most fans would have jeered
We stood and sighed quite mortified
As goals against got worse
T’was a public humiliation
It hurts, oh how it hurts !
The journey back to Euston
Was awful long that day
Funny how it always is
When yer team get beat away ?



A truly awful away day this as it usually is when you lose, but we were going nowhere with managers coming and going, massive debts on a stand that was crippling us with its payments and we had to play a load of youngsters in the first team in the old second division.

The manager had resigned that week and poor old Danny Blanchflower was put in charge of a load of kids ! It wasn’t his fault but it was lambs to the slaughter and you just think ‘ what am I doing here in Shrewsbury
on a Saturday afternoon in the sunshine watching me idols getting well and truly muellered ‘ ?

You’ve all done it ain’t yer ? A strange feeling or what ?



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/an-awful-away-day/