An ode to joy, for Mickey Droy

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I see a debate rumbling, about sweaty blokes
For ‘Great Britons’, I see Giants
Monstrous men, of outsize alliance
So, naturally, in goals (for he’d fill two), it has to be Bill ‘Fatty’ Foulkes
And for a rock solid defence, a tight back four
A big bunch of winners, who, when it comes to dinners, obviously shout for ‘more’
Thus it’s unbridled joy, as we select the towering Mickey Droy
And to West London’s further delight
We’ll partner him, with young Zat Knight
In the full back berth
Adding width (in girth)
‘Razor’ Ruddock and David Unsworth
In a rather congested midfield, by dint of birth
We have to exclude Patrick Vieira, so who else could join
The ebullient, yet brilliant, Paul Gascoigne?
If only Gazza could shed the pounds, as well as the tears
He’d be far better remembered, across the years
Just like the following master
So tragically lost, in the Munich Disaster
For if we’re talking giants of the game,
then there’s only one name, to fill the frame
Duncan Edwards stands alone,
head and shoulders above the rest
I never saw him play, but the cognoscenti constantly attest,
that he was the very best
Up front, an obvious choice, is the ‘mighty’ Niall Quinn
But his passport proudly states, born in Dublin
So we’ll stay in the North-East, for his namesake Mickey
Barrel-chested, more stout than tricky
For his partners, we’ll add a bit of height
Admittedly, offering more powder puff than bite
An obvious duo, both tall and gangly
Peter Crouch and Kevin Francis, just inch out,
Tommy Langley

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 And so a 4-2-3 formation, could open up our eyes
To the bounteous advantages, afforded by shape and size
And I’m sure by now, you probably get the gist
The dressing room’s too full, for this to be any more, than a Top 10 list!


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/an-ode-to-joy-for-mickey-droy/