Anfield – No Place Like Home

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I’ve climbed the steps, I’ve walked the walk
I’ve danced the jig, I’ve done it all,
I’ve laughed, I’ve cried
I’ve shruged and sighed.
I’ve screamed and shouted
Booed and pouted,
I’ve seen the golden glory days
And sung about our Liverpool ways.
Laid flowers at the eternal flame
Remembered 96 and the pain,
Sensed Shankly on the old Spion Kop
While our Red lads kept us on top.
Heard thousands of Scousers sing our song
And felt the anguish when things went wrong,
This is our Anfield home
And here I will always roam.
No other stadium will ever do,
I love this place I am true
So here I stay in my sea of red.
All my memories within my head
Never wanting to leave our home
The place where I will never walk alone.



Just a litle ditty really, a few of my friends have been debating whether we should leave Anfield or not. I certainly DON’T want to leave but looks like I am in the minority. :o(

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/anfield-no-place-like-home/