As It Stands

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A point will be enough for some
Atmosphere crackling like a million empty crisp packets
Leaving only nails to chew
It’s out of your hands
If that team wins or that team draws
Safety could be yours
Or relegation – depends what happens first
A goal at another ground lifts your stadium to its feet
A radio in every other ear
One eye on the clock, one eye on the game
Sixty thousand stomachs practise macrame
Wringing hands use the match programme for origami
Anything to take your mind off the fact
That all the clocks have stopped
Unless your team needs to score, then time flies like a jet
Around the grounds in ninety minutes
Cloud nine plummets to hell
Before rocketing back to the sky
Some fans go home, desolate
They hear a roar, someone has scored
Waiting at the bus-stop; they’re Champions…



So that’s why we all love the beautiful game.

Bolton could only draw so QPR were saved. The winners medals were being unboxed at the Stadium of Light ready to present to Manchester United, preparing to paint the town red, when a tsunami of blue rose up in an echo of time. QPR had just found out that they were safe, Manchester City scored two goals in two minutes of surreal animation. Once in a blue moon, Manchester City win the title, their time had come. It was their day; they won it in Fergie time. Some Manchester City fans had already left the match, unable to believe that losing 2-1 to QPR was not their fate…

While all this was going on, Swansea snuck in to deny Norwich City 11th place by scoring against Liverpool in the last minute to take all three points. Well done Swansea and QPR, not often that the teams who come up all stay up…

Norwich City beat Aston Villa 2-0; it was to be the last straw and last game for Alex McLeish. Now Villa want Paul Lambert… the season may be over but the nail-biting goes on!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/as-it-stands/