At Halftime There Was Sweet Perfume !

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The football pitch was empty
We’d all to create a frenzy
All this was to happen at half time
No players on the field
No marching band revealed
What happened next
Is deeply etched forever in my mind
A dreadlocked boy in sacred shirt
Overcame the odds to defy hurt
As he managed to get his nut on a cross
And put it over the line
The camera man took shots of him
As shedheads stood and grinned
Boy George stood on the touchline so fragrant and devine
Culture Club and their film crew were humorously booed
As the new video for the single was painfully reviewed
George gave as good as he was getting, not letting us forgetting
That he was a die hard Tottenham fan
There’s some things you don’t do !



Weird this as the players went off for halftime we had to create an atmosphere for a sort of backdrop for Mikey out of Culture Club to make the bands video to !

George O’ Dowd, bless him was getting his ear holes bashed in really good spirits when he told the masses gathered there on the tannoy that he had always supported Spurs !

Nice one George, subtle as ever ?



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/at-halftime-there-was-sweet-perfume/