At least we’re at Home on Boxing Day

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Not expected – we’re Norwich City after all
Playing at home on Boxing Day
Makes a change from decking the hall
Escaping the turkey
And the in laws
To gunfire sprays of Eau de Sprout
And replica hats of Santa Claus
New socks for the first time this season
Annual cigars, smouldering funeral pyre
Ocean waves of Old Spice
Chirstmas jumpers with patterns so dire
Pockets stuffed with Quality Street wrappers
With the receipt for the kettle he bought the missus
And the card for his girlfriend
That he covered with kisses
But didn’t send
No wonder he’s got heartburn
Too much festive poultry
Or paltry, depending on your team
Maybe it’s just heartache
Watching Norwich play their guts out for nothing
We lost again, walked home in the rain
Christmas magic dissolving like sherbet
But we’re here to fight another day
And I don’t ask for more than that
We’re lucky people I say



Sometimes I think football is important. Then I watch the news and am brought back to my senses, we only lost a game, many thousands of people have lost everything due to an act of nature and all I do in my saturated fat world is switch over to watch MOTD. Good job I write football poetry, I don’t have the words for real life.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/at-least-were-at-home-on-boxing-day/