Away Fans In The Shed? Is Nothing Sacred?

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The away end’s now behind the goal
In what was once the Shed
Jose was getting baited
At least that’s what they said
They moved the crowd
Cos he was cowed
No Blue boys standing near
I hope he don’t regret it
Later on this year
Fans can be so fickle
As we are well aware
A torrent to a trickle
Through lack of silverware
Londoners are not too slow
To speak up with their minds
Mr Mourinho I’d watch yer back
It’s you they’re stood behind!
No waving of yer fingers
No touching of yer lips
West Londoners are cutting folk
With sharp sarcastic quips!
The banter should be quirky
The cracks at speed will come
Me, I’m saying nothing
I’m just keeping shtum!*



Jose has had the away fans moved or so I’m told to the lower Shed end
very strange or what?

Shtum, Yiddish for, to keep one’s mouth shut!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/away-fans-in-the-shed-is-nothing-sacred/?shared=email&msg=fail