Back In The Nineteen Fifties

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 way back in the fifties new Queen on the throne
all we had was comics in our basement home
tennis balls ice cream vans football in the street
coalman came on Fridays life was so complete
Blow Football clockwork trains plastic spaceman suits
heavy leather footballs toe capped football boots
Tony Hancock Doris Day Sooty and Dan Dare
we drank pop we played tag and football everywhere
round the block on bomb sites we would run and dream
one day we’d be famous and in the England team
Judy Garland Billy Wright Frank Sinatra too
Cowboy annuals Lost In Space good old Winnie The Pooh
Saturday Morning Pictures every week we’d go
Uncle Mac and Children’s fav’rites on the radio
through my bedroom window floodlights from the ground
when they scored or at the end should’ve heard the sound
blokes in caps and raincoats glrls in frilly skirts
teddy boys in drain pipes smoking after work
when the Coronation came didn’t have TV
we were all invited round to watch at number 3
then at last it happened that great moment came
two big kids called Phil and Les took me to a game
I still can’t remember much couldn’t see a thing
i was only little but I could hear them sing
“Maybe It’s Because I’m a Londoner” they would push and sway
evr’y time I got a view they shoved me out the way
my Nan knitted my first scarf sewed on all the names
I waved my old rattle at so many games
walking back at five o clock transistor radios
listening in to Sports Report in the rain and snow
rushing home for tea and cake Dixon of Dock Green
sometimes during Doctor Who my old Gran would scream
“don’t go far and just stay clean… don’t stay out too late”
we’d shoot off at nine a.m and not get back til eight !

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 way back in the fifties before technology
long before your IPods or your PS3
back before Bill Haley Elvis Rock N’ Roll
it’s all still engrained in here written in my soul
back back way back way back in the day
back before the Beatles Bieber Jessie J
they say when you’re looking back everything looks cool
wish I’d concentrated more when I was at school
time plays tricks but memories nothing can erase
I’d give all to go back to those chlldhood days
didn’t need ‘no nothing’ conkers drove us on
we built dens and made it up as we went along
a couple of jam sandwiches home-made lemonade
yeah …back in the nineteen fifties …..we all had it made



With the 50s in mind (Jubilee and all that..in case you hadn’t noticed ?) those of you out there of a certain age …what did you get up to back then?

Aside from Jubilee Bunting-mania and torch fever …I was also just thinking how glad I’ll be to see the back of all the union (previously jack)flags- when i realised they’ll soon be replaced by the red crosses of St George for the Euros !

Which, by the way, will see England deprived of a certain ‘Lampsy’ (who we all said couldn’t play with Stevie G remember?)

Oh no heaven help us..Have a good Summer…

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/back-in-the-nineteen-fifties/