Back To Basics

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 A Monday at work’s just over
The whole week stretches ahead
Normal people go home for supper
Then thinking of their bed.
Perhaps a bit of telly
Corrie or Eastenders on the box
None of that will be for me
Out for one of those cup shocks.
Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration
It two Step Fives in opposition
Tower Hamlets versus Beckenham Town
On their London Senior Cup mission.
Never mind ‘hold the back page’
Hardly a line in the local paper
It’s not as if I haven’t been there
So no excuse of a groundhopping caper.
Yet I’m on the train to Mile End
The other side of the River
As the nights get colder
I will start to shiver.
The mind will start to wander
Knowing I’ve lost the plot
Admitting I’m ‘Billy-no-mates’
But is this the only entertainment I’ve got?
Whisper it gently, I like this
Going out to watch a game
I’m not too fussed about the level
It’s not all about the fame.
Twenty two average blokes
Without a lot of skill
But still enough to warm me
In the early autumn chill.
Relaxing on a bench seat
Looks like full moon in the sky
Council blocks & Canary Wharf for backdrop
Can’t explain why I’m here if I try.
I’m sat down all contented
In the sparsely populated stand
Not bothered if you don’t get me
Cos where I’m sitting life is grand.
There’s no more than forty people
Dotted along this running track ground
And you know I wouldn’t be anywhere else
Worth every penny of my six pound.



( I had a choice last night of going home after work, or a London Senior Cup tie between Tower Hamlets & Beckenham Town….I chose the football. Beckenham won 5-2, in front of about forty people)

Editor’s note:
& from our point of view, you made a wise decision!

The lifeblood of the game: thems that play, and thems that watches, come rain or shine!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/back-to-basics-2/