Barclays Fans’ Spending Report 2004/5

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Thass cous we hint got a lot t’saay
“love supermarket shopping”
Thass the place ter be on a Friday night
Easter eggs in January
No I-Queue in sight
“A typical football fan spends more on books than on cinema tickets”
Thass a rum’un
Cous we goo t’the libree
We dorn’t goo ter the pictures
Thass loike sittin at home
All dark and that
We hint got lectric in these parts yit
We still got meters with thrippenny bits
NCFC – The Club from the Country
Dorn’t their fans talk funny



Ooh aar.

Who makes these things up? (The surveys, not my poems)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/barclays-fans-spending-report-20045/