Bewitching Haiku

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from Garrincha to Nevin
generations roared


In response to Mr A Sharma’s exhortations for Haiku day

For the younger generation :

this Haiku is in praise of two immortal little wingers
Garrincha : nicknamed ‘little bird’, had one leg shorter than the other, gave him an awkward gait (is that what gave him his nickname?)
The Brazilians reckon he was better than Pele!
Pat Nevin : ex Chelsea, Everton & Tranmere : in my opinion, better than George Best, certainly has better morals.

Editor’s note :

poem changed after inspection by the Haiku guru’s!

Submitted version read like this :

Will ‘o the wisp Haiku

Little wounded bird
My generation bewitched by Nevin
Garrincha for forebears

Haiku – don’t usually have titles.
Obviously for this site, we have to have a title to enter into the submissions box, or else the poem doesn’t show.
So a title is allowed – but not one that gives any clue or other sense or adds to what the haiku is about. Like this one did.

The original haiku presented, syllable wise, as 5-10-6. Has to be max of 5-7-5.

For more info, see Crispin Thomas’s Haiku editorial.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/bewitching-haiku/