Bloody Angola.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 A dusty road, idle chatter,
Soon gunfire would shatter.
The Togo team had been waylaid,
On the coach, scared, afraid,
Now laying prostrate on the floor,
Three dead, what is this for?
The once happy band of brothers,
Call their dads and mothers.
And to God for his saving grace,
As death comes face to face.
Then the silence and they’re bereft,
Learning of their friend’s death.
They are called home to mourn the dead,
Scrambled brains in their head.
To postpone the games for a week,
As players solace seek.
It would have been the way to go.
But CAF alas said no.
Disqualified was the word used,
Leaving players bemused.
It is to their eternal shame.
Lives came second to the game.



They say the show must go on, but there is always an interval. Some of the Togo players will never recover from this. It would have been the greatest therapy in the world for them to have been ecouraged to play for the memory of their fallen brothers.

Editors ..Agreed Jim and sentiment shared. Merely reading that the team’s (and his own) personal friend and Press Officer died in the arms of Emmanuel Adebayor belies even thinking about.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/bloody-angola/