Bobby Moore East End Messiah

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Messiah of East End
With rolled up shorts not baggy
You started off a trend
A lack of pace was no disgrace
With a brain as sharp as yours
Sweeping passes from the back
In days before back fours
I watched you in your heyday
I stood there just amazed
As you dribbled out of defence so calmly
You were never ever fazed
Even though an ‘Ammer’
You just oozed such class
I stood there in the Chicken Run
Drooling at each pass
Feathers never ruffled
Panic? Not a drop
Passes from your own penalty box
On a sixpence would just drop
You became the national captain
A true leader thats for sure
You could have been a film star*
Blonde adonis Bobby Moore!

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3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 *He was! In Escape to Victory?



This bloke was just so cool, calm and part of the East End collective of Moore, Hurst and Peters. All graduates with honours from the famous
‘Ammers’ academy that went on to do so much for England in ’66’.



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/bobby-moore-east-end-messiah/