Bon Mot-ty & Match Of Cliché

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 ‘so this is it’ ‘ there’s danger here’ ‘the scene is surely set’
‘and this could be a tricky one’ ‘the biggest moment yet’
when Motty gives up commentating ‘who can they bring in’
for when you need a cliché fast then ‘where do you begin?’
’cause ‘ football can be cruel sometimes’ but ‘passion is his game’
and when it comes to classic lines then Motson is the name

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 ‘the holding role he’s held for years’ is ‘slipping from his hands’
‘what is there left for us to do or say about the man?’
‘he’s ninety minutes from goodbye’ ‘the last throw of the dice’
‘he’s lost that yard or two of pace’ ‘before our very eyes’
‘we’ve witnessed something special‘ ‘ the last hurdle’s in sight’
‘it’s all about composure and what happens on the night’
‘but what a way to go indeed’ ‘and ‘we will miss him still’
and ‘Hansen will have words to say on that I’m sure he will’

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 ‘that date with football destiny’ those ‘final moments shared’
‘that final flourish’ on the box let no cliché be spared
‘the biggest night’of Motty’s life ‘ ‘that legend from the past’
‘the end of quite an era’ ‘on paper or on grass’
he’s ‘within touching distance’ ‘if he can just hold on’
but ‘extra time is looming’ God help us when he’s gone!

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 and ‘is it me’ or ‘can I say’ that ‘ no one likes to see’
the ‘ likes of someone shown a card’ and bundled off TV
but ‘these are nervous moments’ to speak the end out loud
for though ‘ he’s quite a character’ ‘he still can stand up proud’
‘and didn’t he do well’ for years ‘ to keep that role alive’
but when he hangs his sheepskin up … how will we all survive?



Imagine the sadness and the emotion and the day when John Motson hangs up his mike and his clichés and finally gives up commentating? Alan Green, David Davies, Brian Moore, David Coleman, Kenneth Wolstenholme, Raymond Glendenning,Jimmy Tarbuck, Eamonn Andrews, Sooty, Harry Carpenter, Winston Chuchill, Emu, Paul Scholes, Norman Wisdom, Des O’Connor, Bruce Forsyth, Richard Attenborough, Charlie Chaplin ,The Beatles, Queen Victoria, The Dean of Marlborough College, Robin Hood, King Arthur, St George..you boys can breathe a sigh to relief….the King will be gone..but ‘the cliché’ will live on…but who will the force and mantle be stong with?.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/bon-mot-ty-match-of-cliche/