Books, Books, Books!

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Oh they’re so hard to read
If you’ve not been taught!

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A whole great new world
That you must explore!

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Albert Camus, Jean Genet
Frank O’Connor, Henry Roth and Eamon Dunphy

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All about the beautiful game
Though I hate to say it
Sadly a lot of them
In a ghostwriters name!

5 Leave a comment on verse 5 0 Stevie McManaman, Graham Le Saux, Wee Pat Nevin, Trevor Steven
and all the others who were given the right for a good education
that gives you a start in life, put something back in this system of strife.

6 Leave a comment on verse 6 0 Kids who can’t write and can’t read
Are true reflections of staff
Who have failed them indeed
So they’re having a laugh!!!

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Nicked the first line from Looks, Looks, Looks. By Sparks. So? You know what? Sue me. Seriously though Ron and Russell, I love your stuff.

As my stuff suggests this doesn’t sit well with me. I left school at fourteen and but for a basic education from a few lovely nuns who I praise all the time, things were very confusing to say the least. A good education should not be a thing for people with money only, its a God given necessity and we owe it to all kids no matter who or where they are in the country.

The stuff about the class divide poetry is very true, I was in London’s
West End yesterday after the Blue party. All the bookshops that I went into had very little stuff that would, if I was a kid inspire me to read it! Are there that many working class poets out there? If there are they are not getting a lot of exposure to a whole new generation who have a lot to say and should be given the chance to know how to say it., by poetry or otherwise.

Right On Kev!


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/books-books-books/