Boro’s 12th man

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 He’s blind to handballs that everyone can see
except Mark Halsley it seems to me .
So Adebayor was offside but Alliadiere on?
Let me tell you, mate, that’s just plain wrong.
Halsley you took us for a ride,
d’you even know the rule, offside?
And that final corner you wouldn’t let us take,
Don’t let him ref us again for pity’s sake!



Back in 1891, referees could not allow set-pieces to be taken after the 90 minutes was up and so on 21 november 1891 when stoke were losing 2-1 to villa and were awarded a penalty with 1 min to go before full-time, the villa keeper, showing great enterprise/cynicsm hoofed the ball as far as he could out of the ground, and by the time those sent to retrieve it had done so, the 90 mins were up.

in this day and age there is a law permitting games to be extended for set-pieces such as, i don’t know, CORNERS for example. perhaps somebody should kindly alert mark Halsley to this fact.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/boros-12th-man/