Brand New Season

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 By the murky flowing river, to the Ground beloved since childhood
pour the fans this sunny matchday.
Hot and sunny, funny matchday.
Quiet excitement, apprehension, on the faces of our fellows,
programme-clutching, ticket-finding
squeezing through the slim-line turnstile.
Same old gateman, always cheery same old entrance, dark and dreary.
Up the steps into the sunshine, suddenly the perfect green-ness
bursts upon the eyes, the senses whirling with anticipation.
Greeting old friends, meeting new ones, then the tunnel caterpillar.
Come the players waving gladly, stands the crowd all cheering madly.
Toss the coin, its brightness glitters
Don’t change ends we’ve got the jitters.
Silent now the crowd sits down.
A brand-new season
Come on Town!



Of course it’s not “town” it’s Forest, but I like a good old rhyme. This poem puts into words the feeling of sick excitement I always get as the players run out. Diminished now that the DJ no longer plays “Robin Hood”..it was the twang of the arrow that precipitated the sick feeling.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/brand-new-season/