Chelsea twinned with Chukotka

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when in the hands of Roman, what then?
what to expect?
all Chelsea fans wait, with baited breath
will we see the end of Chairman Ken
and all the debates
in which he participates?
will we see some new signings
to put paid, to all our whinings?
will we see Geremi, Guti or Gattuso?
if not them, well then who so?
how about Figo, de Boer or Kluivert?
is there an ‘in progress’ move, that we could divert –
for instance, the Aussie jewel, Harry Kewell?
what about Shevchenko, Nesta, Joe Cole, Scott Parker –
will we throw down a multi-million marker?
and what do we know of our new benefactor?
will he pump more money in, or be an extractor?
this oil baron, this Governor, this oligarch
is this a new odyssey, on which we’re about to embark?
this mogul, this magnate, this tycoon
will he tear through us like a typhoon?
or will it be a cold wind that blows in, from the Steppes of Siberia
will ‘Chelski’ become a frozen wasteland, will we see a step up in hysteria?



initial reaction to this weeks news that Chelsea has been bought by Russian businessman, Roman Abramovich,
who is also Governor of the Siberian territory of Chukotka

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/chelsea-twinned-with-chukotka/