Chelsea’s Big Day

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Awaiting the Big Occasion
Like a polished bride
It all cost a fortune
But they’re made up with pride
Ready for the silverware
First title in fifty years
Champagne on ice frozen solid
Have to make do with beer
Confetti made from crisp banknotes
No danger of being jilted
Blood, sweat, tears and megabucks
Even the toilet rolls thrown are quilted
As you celebrate your achievement
And joke ‘it’s tough at the top’
Remember, it’s horsemeat at the bottom
Kicking against the drop
We’re getting ready for our Big Day too
Filling our bottom drawer
Ottoman for clean sheets (empty)
Assorted broken teacups – four
We’ve given up on silverware
Settling for a stainless steel canteen
If we stay up this season
I can’t tell you how much it’ll mean



Norwich have a big away day against the Saints on Saturday, three points for us would be well handy. This relegation lark, we’ve been there, done that! We’ve still got the t-shirts printed with ‘on loan to the Endsleigh league’. Your turn Southampton, give us a break, we need to stay up one more season just to see what we can do now we’ve stopped being scared..

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/chelseas-big-day/