Childrens TV

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We get a hundred most days
Mucking about and talking in class
We play football at lunchtimes
It’s just a game
But my Dad stacks beer
In the kitchen and says
“It’s the biggest football tournament across the globe
It means the world to me”
I don’t know if he means the football or the beer
England haven’t won the World Cup for forty years
I think it’s only my Dad who cares
I let him buy me a new TV for my room anyway
And some flags tied on a string
It doesn’t mean anything
But I want my Dad to be happy
So I learnt the words to the National Anthem
It’s for The Queen
Though I don’t know what we need to save her from
Probably people like my Dad



For all the women, men and children who just don’t ‘get’ football but want their team to do well because they live with people who run their calendars from August to May and this year have extended their ‘season’ by a further month for the World Cup.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/childrens-tv/