City – still flying.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Tis the last January
Of football’s calendar
A long way from
The fanfares, trophies
Cups, baubles
And stirring deeds
The final acclaim
But City are flying
Vying for the feeling
Experienced over
And over again
For the refrain
But not the rain
Of May
Where the princes
In victory
Receive yet more
Confetti and
Confirmation of
Premier League
City, stopped
Quite suddenly
In their headlong
Charge for yet
Another title
So far ahead
Binoculars needed
To see the relentless
Gallop of the sleek
Steed, the horse
Kicking purposefully
For the final straight
Pep may be modest
And self-effacing
But he knows the
Outcome of
It’s written in
So many stars
The Guardiola
Charm offensive
Is soothing
Cynical souls
Held at the Saints
But full of feints,
Drops of shoulder
Clear the boulder
Now City bowl
Along, switching
Gears rapidly
Fast, fast
Quick, quick
Mesmeric staccato,
Passes, electric
Magnetic, a storm
Of magnificence
Streaks of lightning
Across St Mary’s
On Saturday
Full of Elgar’s
Pomp and Circumstance
Drums crashing on green
De Bruyne, Grealish
Full of fine lace
And filigree,
Patterned feet
Spraying crossfield
And diagonal,
Passes of sugar
Spun candy
Through the lines
Of complex mazes
Cul-de sacs
For Manchester
City this is Manuel
Pelligrini, Malcolm
Allison and Joe
Mercer, revisited
Simplicity on a
Well dressed plate
Of spices, herbs,
Seasoned with
Designs and
Multi -layered
City will
Be Premier
League winners
Once again
Expression in
Their veins,
Art in their heart
Painting from easels
From near and far
Or maybe not
Since Liverpool
Are still breathing
Down Chelsea’s
London necks
Chasing, persevering
But not this year
Their season
Is out of season
Since City
And their trophy
Are waiting for
The royal command
Performance of
Champions again
It has to be theirs



This is my poem about Manchester City’s charge towards another Premier League title.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/city-still-flying/