1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I knew we were getting gentrified
But this is really too far
Smoked salmon sarnies on the bus
Talk about lah-di-dah!
She claims she’s ‘one of us’
Growing up on the Rockingham Estate
I’ll bet she’s never had jellied eels
Or pie and mash on her plate.
She ‘pretends’ to drop ‘er aitches
So she can blend in
Not realising in ‘New-Veau’ Dulwich
Being posh ain’t a sin.
Not that I’m knocking her
She loves our Pink & Blue
Always willing to muck in
Whatever there’s to do.
Browbeating the players
Nagging in their ear
Not afraid of anyone
Especially after a beer.
In truth she’s a special person
A fan with real heart
As long as you ignore the pink lipstick
Painted up like a tart!



(Time for an up-to date poem!On the coach to Brightlingsea Regent on Saturday a Hamlet fan asked if I was going to write a poem about her. I scrawled this down on the journey home!)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/claire/