Clare I Hope Your Not A Lady That Swears !

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The beautiful game
Is there for all
Male and female too
Sikh, Muslim, Catholic
Protestant or Jew
Be you gay, thats okay
That is still your right
The colour things getting better
If you’re black or white
To say that lovely ladies
Aren’t welcome at the match
Is not what I see week in week out
Which game’s do you catch?
Some of me best mates are female
Who go to every game
They know all the songs we sing
All the players names
I can’t see where you’re coming from
I really truly can’t
Some of the best poetry that’s posted here
Is female football cant!



Not too sure about Clare’s comments about girls going and being made welcome at the match as this poem suggests.

I would say there are more girls at the game than ever before, be they with a male partner or a female partner (as the gay community are well very represented as well) or a a few girls together in a group. The game is for everybody isn’t it?

As for here, the FFF* are turning out as many pieces of poetry as their male counterparts are they not?

Correct me if I’m wrong, politely please as I’m ever so sensitive to critism!!! Yeah Right!

FFF is Female Football Fans.



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/clare-i-hope-your-not-a-lady-that-swears/