Crispin Thomas

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Chelsea man,
Football Poet,
helping us
to understand
the Game we love
is much more grand
than money,
television, and
is best when played
on grass, or sand,
impromptu, ref-less,
on demand,
by children born
in every land.
So, raise your glass,
extend your hand,
and give a shout out
from the stand
to those who make
football expand
and answer to
this one command:
Let children’s smiles
remain our brand . . .
. . .like Crispin Thomas:
Chelsea man,
Football Poet,



Crispin, shouting out thanks from the other side of the Great Moat to you and the entire crew at FP for making 2014 a year to remember. A visit to Stroud has found its way onto my bucket list. TM

Editor Note: Very touched Trent. Cheers. Approaching our 15th year with the same old antiquated site,

Have a peaceful Christmas mate .To Clik, Peter, Stu, Parry and Dave ( fellow editors one and all down the years..And to everyone out there, who has contributed in the past 12 months and 14 years!.

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