Dear Roger McGough

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It’s every writers rule
I’ve been writing Bertie Bassetts
Ever since I was at school
Then I discovered Football Poets
To post up related work
To tell of goals missed and scored
Of life in a Canary shirt
Thousands of poems by hundreds of fans
Have so far been submitted
Talking a language we all understand
Sharing seasons, we’ve all benefitted
Then a man called Roger comes along
And thinks ‘I’ll write a poem about football’
What a marvellous invention
Terrific idea, not much about, great call
Dear Roger, I’ve heard your name before
When donning your writing hat
Just a message from hundreds of us
A FOOTBALL POEM? Wish WE’D thought of that!



In response to Roger McGoughs comments reported in the Daily Telegraph 5.5.06 regarding poetry saying theres ‘not much about football’.

The great thing about this site is that anyone can submit a football poem and anyone can log on to read them – its all done for the love of our beautiful game

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/dear-roger-mcgough/