Decline of Real Madrid

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 At this moment it is Real Madrid 1 Mallorca 3
It seems that the comfort never came after Barcelona scored 6 there in Madrid
The loss after loss
What is the answer ? What the Giants can do ?
Cristiano Ronaldo will stay where he is
Arsene Wenger or Mourinho will join

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 That is really DISASTER
The Giants are not The Giants anymore
Real Madrid can recover with new Zidane and new Figo
Is there new Zidane, is there new Figo ?
Or who is the new Zidane and who is the new Figo ?
Unless Zinedine Zidane takes over Juande Ramos as the manager

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 Mother Mary, Rescue this great club from any further shame
It is what all ‘blancos’ would say
There is warmth of great Bernabeu even when Ramos leaves to watch Corrida
There is warmth of great Bernabeu even when Ramon Calderon is voted
And of course, despite everything, Real Madrid deserves Recovery
At the very begining of the century they were ‘galacticos’
They celebrated the 2007 Title in the Cathedral and they promised more
One touristic isle Mallorca is in the football terms all what they need
The 3-1 victory at Bernabeu means a lot for the Isle
But with a lot of turbulences at the Transfer Market and luck
With Election of new manager, Real Madrid can recover
But just this evening we were ready for another disaster
Real Madrid 1 Mallorca 3 game saw us with red face and Madrid shirts
But recovery can be as controversial as this season
Maybe the new manager will save this club
Congratulations to Barcelona, Mallorca, Valencia, Villareal who won
game after game to make the row of lost games
Still, Madrid is where always its BERNABEU has been
Together with the troubled staff under a lot of demanding of the press
Come together to the new era, with hope of salvation of Giant
MADRID FANS, who they will by majority support in Rome
They can give standing ovation to Barcelona and to Manchester in 2009


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/decline-of-real-madrid/