Deluded Dug (Freedman)

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Deluded Dug is the new man in charge
And is as stubborn as a mule
His team selections baffle
And he`s a complete utter fool
He waits until the team’s behind
Before he makes a change
And then he springs a right surprise
Which fans find rather strange
But Deluded Dug is in a learning stage
And fans don’t know what the make
Some of them just criticise
Whilst others say give him a break
But Deluded Dug must change his ways
If he wants to be a success
He can’t keep playing Kevin Davies
If he wants to make progress
Deluded Dug will be given time
Even if it’s Gartside’s fault
If it continues like it is
The fans will call a halt
And once Disillusioned Dug has learned his trade
And without a question mark
Deluded Dug will make his way
Back to Selhurst park



Yes it’s begun. The verdicts are out for Duggie Freeedman who has yet to win over the Bolton fans.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/deluded-dug-freedman/