Djib Cisse A Top Man Among So Called Men!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 As reds and blues trudge off the field
Nil all is the score
One man takes his shirt off
And makes for Kopite core
As reds and blues exchange abuse
This man is hearing nowt
A broken leg this man once had
Leaves him in doubt
He is indeed so fortunate
To still be turning out
As reds run down toward him
He doesn’t even care
He gives his shirt to a young fan
Sat in a wheelchair !
As we all know our idols
In life can shatter dreams
As off field antics and other stuff
Leads to crappy teams
But faith that night was repaid in full
As only such actions can
An invalid fan has an idol for life
Djib Cisse is that man!!!

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Yeah it happened and I was standing there and saw it with my very own eyes! As Bowyer and Dyer have given players a bad name recently, I thought it right and proper that yer man should get mention. head! I’m a shed head so what?Good on yer Djib Cisse, you’re an eighteen carat diamond son !
Until the next time!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/djib-cisse-a-top-man-among-so-called-men/