Do What– Do Watt–Do Wot

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 “What’s your name lad?”
“Yes Watt”
“What did you say?”
“Off you go lad – you don’t ‘What’ me
I’m a no nonsense referee.”
The coach came on, said “you’re ‘aving a larf
why you sending my player for an early bath?”
“I asked a simple question and all I got
was him sullenly answering me with ‘What’
When I asked his name he acted deaf
Kept saying ‘What?’ to me the ref.”
“But that’s his name – Sanchez Watt
When you asked his name that’s what you got.”
“What his name is Watt?
Wot a mistake
Amends to him I better make
Come here Watt, I’m sorry fellow
I’m going to give you just a yellow.”



Ex Arsenal player Sanchez Watt was playing for Hemel Hempstead Town the other day when the referee went to show him a yellow card. When he asked him his name he was told ‘Watt.’ This went back and forth a couple of times with the ref thinking that the player was extracting the Michael. He finally produced a red card for dissent, to the player’s and everyone else’s dismay. The coach came on and after a discussion the ref realized his mistake and allowed Watt to continue. He afterwards apologized to the Hempstead chairman and to the player.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/do-what-do-watt-do-wot/