Don’t Ban Shaun Wright-Phillips!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Can a player be banned for self-defence?
HAve the FA no common-sense?
Or else are they completely dense,
it seems a valid question hence
their banning Wright-Phillips who’s done no wrong,
a great challenge on Delap, not illegal, just strong,
and what of what Delap did next,
a cowardly, stupid act at best,
he responded with a vicious foul
then kicked his opponent while he was down.
And who can blame SWP for reacting,
while Delap’s foot was not retracting?
Delap saw red for acting a prat,
and that should be the end of that.



I honestly cannot fathom why the FA are even considering dishing out a 3 match ban on Shaun Wright -Phillips – it’s not the same as when a player lashes out just because they’ve been fouled, Delap then went and kicked SWP while he was down which for me is a despicable act of cowardice. And his earlier challenge on Delap was a good, legitimate challenge, so what are they playing at?

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/dont-ban-shaun-wright-phillips/